J&S Plumbing Services was founded by Eduardo Rodriguez, an inspiriting individual with an ambitious dream on 2011. J&S Plumbing Services specializes in both residential and commercial projects. 

Plumbing can be the Achilles heel of many home owners. Every leak can be a sinkhole to your pocket book. With today’s economy that added pressure can make the idea of having to fix a problem that involves the backbone of your home a stressful and expensive one. This is where JS Plumbing can be there to assist you with our knowledge and experience on everything from Faucet Leaks to Damaged Water Pipes.


Our team is trained and ready to assist you with any issue you may encounter. We have served the Metroplex for over 10 years maintaining a level of professionalism and respect for our clients that keep them coming back.

 We have maintained this reputation and we will try to continue providing this service at a level that our clients have gotten accustomed to. JS Plumbing Service’s reputation and experience has helped us prepare our staff with the knowledge to be able to assist you with any type of Plumbing issue.


Jazmin Rodriguez

VP of Operations

Rodolfo Rodriguez

HR & Operations

Rey Romero

Regional Plumbing Manager

Timothy Butler

Plumbing Estimator

Manuel Navarrete

Accounting Department

Esmeralda Ortega

Service Operator

Kimberly Avina


Kimberly Duarte

Scheduling Department

Anayeli Frias

Lic. 7155

Liliana Moreno

Accounting Department
Lic. 7155

Steve Durand

Service Plumber
DFW Area
lic. 34949

Roger Montes

Plumbing AutoCAD Drafter
lic. 34949

Odir Rodriguez

Plumbing Supervisor
Lic. 7155

Miguel Soveranes

Plumbing Supervisor
Lic. 50939

Gabriel Cipres

Plumbing Supervisor
Waco Area
lic. 34949

Ignacio Vasquez

Purchasing Manager
Lic. 50939



J&S Plumbing services specializes is both new construction and remodels. Our remodeling plumbers are trained by professional designers to give you remodel of your dreams.

residential & commercial

J&S Plumbing works with the best builders in the North Texas providing plumbing for thousands of new homes each year.

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Pipe leaks can feel overwhelming and exhausting. J&S Plumber don't get paid by commission so you don't have to worry about buying unnecessary things. Call us now and schedule your free estimate!

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our mission here at j&s plumbing services is to be able to provide you with quality plumbing at an affordable cost.

if you have any questions, comments or concerns, give us a call and we will be able to answer any of your questions.

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